The thought of cracking your gadget screen or drop of liquid ingredient on it is scary enough to take make you think twice before purchasing an expensive gadget. Even if decide to buy, we spend a huge amount to get them repaired, since the warranty provided by most lasts for only about a year.

A very cost effective and smart solution is to buy extended warranty for your gadget which starts the day after the original warranty provided by the manufacturer expires. Various platforms such as Warranty Bazaar are offering you the opportunity to buy accidental damage, liquid damage or extended warranty, sitting at the comfort of your house. Now you must be wondering how this is different from the extended warranty which companies sell.

Firstly, it covers Accidental Damage Protect (ADP) such as Liquid Damage for the first year which companies do not cover. Secondly, it covers free Extended Warranty for the second year. Most importantly, it can be purchased sitting at home, and a free two-way pickup is provided.

Depending on the price of your gadgets, you can select a plan suitable to you. An important thing to keep in mind is that your gadget must be new & should be within the manufacturer's limited warranty period to avail the offer.

After buying, simply register your warranty on our website or by calling at Toll Free Number 987 016 8606. Warranty Bazaar covers almost all Smart Phone, iPhone & Laptop available in the market but before buying please check it.

With such a quick and easy solution to protect your device, don’t wait and buy your extended warranty now! And we all have heard, “It is better to be safe than sorry.”