Bought a new product? Why not avail an extended warranty for it? Not a bad idea! It is a security for your appliance. But, you need to ask a few questions before availing extended warranty. Probably, these questions should be asked to a warranty partner. He can certainly answer these questions in order to give you an overview of the benefits of availing extended warranty. Prior to proceeding with these questions, you should understand that your appliance is subject to damage due to various reasons.

If these products are liable for warranty by the warranty partner, he will certainly offer you the service. Now, let’s take a look at the questions which you need to ask extended warranty partner initially:

How does the extended warranty service work?

When it comes to applying to the extended warranty service of the provider, you need to assess following questions in advance. Firstly, you should ask whether the service being availed is securing your product entirely or not? Is the warranty service provider offering the future claim in written or is it just verbal? These two questions will ensure whether you are selecting the right service or not.

Moving on to the next aspect, you must analyze how long has the extended warranty partner has been in the business. This point of relevance will give you a sense of credibility before availing the extended warranty service of the provider. On the other hand, you must examine is the extended warranty service including the data analytics and additional reporting service by the partner.

Prior to moving to the next question, you must also understand the culture of the company and do they match the core values of your organization! This will help you in taking a decision of reaching to the next level of seeking your queries pertaining to extended warranty.

Does the company offer value to your customers further adding to the culture of your company?

An extended warranty service provider should match the standards of your business without affecting the decorum and values you have preserved over the years. In simple words, the extended warranty partner should value your customers as their retention is based on trust as well as quality service. As a part of this segment, you should ask the partner what types of security plans are being offered to the customers under the extended warranty plans.

Apart from this, you must ask the benefits received by the customers at each tier through this warranty. By seeking this information, you will be able to realize the process of claim settlement and the responsibilities undertaken by the warranty partner’s team.

Is there any additional support added in the warranty program?

There are many extended warranty partners who claim to be the best initially. It is this very moment to ask the additional support which has been added in the warranty program. As a part of this question, you will be able to get an overview of the goals’ execution and policy split of the extended warranty plan. Furthermore, you should ensure that toll free support is given to the customers in order to offer convenience to them.

After these segments are clarified, you should conclude whether the chosen extended warranty plan is worth availing or not.